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Gerrys Image Repository
Jul 17, 2010

Welcome to Gerrys Image repository, so your wondering whats this all about and how the hell ya'all got here, well I can answer only one of those.

This corner of the web, if there is such a term, is a location for myself to store images on the web, now note its not my normal gallery and things are not organised as one would expect...basically its a glorified scratch space on the net for little 'ol me...so why don't you head over to the following locations where things might be a bit more entertaining for you.

Good luck finding anything....I struggle ;)

Gerrys Image Showcase - GJB ~ Imagery

Gerry's Blog, trust me its lots of fun and if you need some background research on me, don't bother..

Gerry's Image gallery

Gerrys poorly updated Redbubble

and your still here?

Well there is also:

Gerrys Image Repository - Image repository for forums and online access stuff!

Gerrys Flickr Copy - Screw Flickr, here they are instead

Surely your bored now...

All images on the site are (C) Copyright of their respective owners and of course images taken by yours truly (thats me) are also copyright, if by the bizarre off chance you want to use an image by me, just drop me a line and I will probably let just you :)

More info on copyright for Australian purpose anyway can be found here - http://www.copyright.org.au/

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Gerry's Image Repository Online once again
Jul 17, 2010

onwards and updwards...

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